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MEANT TO POST HERE [Mar. 28th, 2009|01:23 pm]
RHGP Cosplay



Okey so, since we have like fifty things we're doing (SE, KHR, Y!J, Bleach, Geass, Black Cat, P!H, and DTB), I thought maybe it'd be simpler to just group people who are coming to AZ into their categories, then we can break apart the times and see who is available for what.

SE: Every shoot

All of us, obviously

KHR: Once or twice?

See above (but, who would like to do the shoot twice? I might do it just once, since i know some might do it just once, but I know that Rich is willing to run a second shoot)

Y!J: Twice (I'm asumming)

Allison, Cesar, Me (so far, from RHGP)

Bleach: Once or twice?

Cesar, Rob, Jared(?)

Geass: Once or twice?

Jared, Allison

Black Cat: Just one shoot, I think

Lexi, Rich, myself

Pandora Hearts: Once?
Lexi, Tina, Rob(?)

Darker Than Black: Once?
Allison, Rob(?)

Who else is in what? I think this way, we can work around Bleach, Geass, and SE.


[User Picture]From: lucifer_taichou
2009-03-28 05:28 pm (UTC)
lol I was able to copy and paste my reply xP

Yeah I just want to let you know to not even worry about Marion since shes so like "whatever" about doing cosplays during when. But I think you alread y kinda knew that.

Y!!J - Yes for twice ^ ^

KHR - ONCE since I have enough to do as it is. And I would like to note here that I NEEEEED to do KHR first thing on Sat because I need to do a lot of work with makeup and latex and doing that later on in the day just takes WAY too much time away from the con for me.

Geass - ONCE on Fri for both of us.

DTB - ONCE.. unless I wear it like.. Thursday or something but that doesn't count really. Im fine with wearing it Fri or Sat, it doesn't matter as long as Im not rushing.
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From: czor
2009-03-28 09:23 pm (UTC)
Ummm well I want to do Bleach on both Frid and Sat.

KHR once....Sat

I already have Y!J set up for both Frid and Sat.
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